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Sultana LIVE album release of recordings from 2002 to 2005 is Ms. West's new recordings of angelic soothing arias a caps, some trance/ambient style compositions, a live recording from Sarah's opening concert at Deepak Chopra's new healing center in La Costa, CA and more & opening for Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Sedona, Arizona. VISIT: for physical CD's & MORE MP3's!

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    SULTANA 06:16
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    Ashira Calling 07:23
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    Book of Peace 10:41
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    [Info] Oh, Great Spirit 01:43
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    Healing In Silence 05:54


MP3's NOW available HERE & PHYSICAL CD's available HERE

..:. A Message from Paul Jones, Concert Piantist

Sarah West is one of those truly rare phenomena that Divine Providence elects as a pontifex, or bridge, to span the gap between actuality and possibility, between what humankind believes to be true and what is sensed intuitively to be true. This is no small matter. The greatest minds of every culture and of every age unanimously speak of another world, that to truly live is to surpass oneself, folding back to that astonishing part of us that partakes of this still point.

Sarah West gives audible life to this stillness, this possibility, both through her singing and speech. As a result, she is able to touch the deepest recesses of the heart, moving them into alignment with the world behind appearances, the world, which the greater part of humanity yearns for now as never before.

Stated differently, Sarah West is about that uncommon depth, the stuff of genius which we all recognize immediately, that comes along in a rarefied embodiment to remind us all what this life is and what it is for.

As a concert veteran of some forty years, and as someone who, himself, has performed with some of the very greatest musicians in the world, I can say without qualification that Sarah West is in a class by herself, embodying ideals both musically and personally that situate her as a harbinger of the kind artist this planet of our demands. Fortunate indeed are those, like myself, who, having heard, knew, and having known, were forever changed. This is Ms. West's legacy, her gift to the people of the Earth.


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Grace Ushering Out From The Deep 

a poem of grace ushering out from the deep deafening darkness to overtake the awkward wayward organ of hopelessness demise in his eyes he rose unmet by full remorse they couldn't stop him he went on anyway finding so many reasons to abandon the mystic ship but no one said to no one said to turn a corner on the truth no one suggested to keep the rudder to the port of fear its what they want its what they need to be right but is it the only choice? i don't think so i trying to recommend other things to him he's listening slowly turning the starboard way life is showing better - good things life is increasing its dosage thank goodness he can't compete with the evils in the world he can't stand up to darkness there's no use trying when all the world's black veil hinders all sight in the first place so, come, my friend, wake in the dark of night to the light of day and enjoy what's beneath your breath they can't take that away from you as much as they've tried, they can't just breathe and turn toward your heart that your soul imbibes you are freedom's name you are future's remnant's that tear across the sky stripped of the night by stardust's glory ride come, be yourself come, emblazon your name on mine come, rest in the rejoicing of ecstatic living for today is now alive in you for today is now love in you for today is now forever more fulfilling than in any other choice come, be you with me and I'll see you too as I see me streaming streaking blessed buoyant above and below I am you are love I love you © 2014 sarah west • 10:30 pm Tuesday August 26th 2014

"Exquisite VOICE OF ETERNITY Healing Star Music CD!" 

Please purchase my CDs & MP3's on that link to be sure you're buying my music and from me. There are people who have stolen my music and sell my music on iTunes with their own account. They also sell it on other websites with my name on it. 

BUY NOW for Cd's & MP3's!!! THANK SOOO MUCH for your KIND review, Nathan!!! Yes, GATE OF FOREVER is a powerful piece. Takes a very refined being to notice that track, perhaps!!!

PS that track is NOW entitled: THE ETERNAL ROSE!

Its on TRACK 5 on the NEW RE-designed reprinting of this CDs now called VOICE OF ETERNITY 

Quote from customer:

"Every now and then you get an amazing breakthrough with this thing called life. For those of you who don't know Sarah West's exquisite track "The Eternal Rose" from her VOICE OF ETERNITY cd, I would entice you to listen!" - Eberly  

NOTE: TRACK 5, "The Eternal Rose" on Sarah's VOICE OF ETERNITY cd is also known under the name "The Eternal Rose" under her previously released CD entitled VOICES OF ETERNITY


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April 23rd: Is it really The Bard's Birthday? 

You don't know, but Shakespeare is not Shakespeare. 

Don't celebrate a birthday and give honor where it's not due... just because it was said it's so doesn't make it so. 

One day you'll see... and the world will awaken to eyes wide open for a heart that longed to change the face of man... and did but didn't... still entombed in a silent reverie only for the very still to hear. 

The lithe spirit that endured torment and brought us all to our knees in hopes of a change that still has not come. To educate man of his mortal fallacy and his decline even with the keys in his hand... a skeleton becomes no one. 

Rise up still while the green of life remains to be seen and your circle will not be in vain. There is time, there is a chance but is there action? That is the question, my sweet, fairest swan of Avon. 

May your devotion not be in vain though it has been so far. Though man earns billions off your brilliant word and occult knowledge, little has evolved the human consciousness to abhor war as you did. To see the uselessness of fight except to destroy the fabric of the soul. Crippling the reason of the heart's existence, we are left bereft and abandoned by our very selves. 

Is there hope, my fair swan? Is there? Should we still try? Should our effort be in vain since the mind of mortal man is ever doomed by greed and annihilation of the other? Wars of all sizes seem never to cease. 

So now what? How do we carry on when we are ever at a crossroads that deepens the hole in the ground where we meet. We are far beyond six feet under. We have destroyed our sea, our life-blood that is our rivers that criss-crosses our holy lands filled with poison debris. 

We cannot survive as natural beings. We are plugged into mania and manacled by obsession. Electricity is no longer just in the air with the beauty of the rain but in our very torrid bones set to a fidelity that's lost its true course. How the world of wirelessness effects our affects? We are not transparent as the x-rays suggest? There are ramifications to our speedy speeds. 

Come home fair one, back into our hearts where true consciousness lives. 

You've modeled what is right and what goes wrong. May we model what you've inspired in us:   The glory of spirit rising in a form no less of man nor woe-to-man. We tinkling on a bridge to nowhere that is not the exquisite abyss of the beginning but of a sorry demise that tortures us like the raven picking at the eyes its assigned to punish. We don't know we are doing it to ourselves. We don't know. If we did, would we stop? 

Is the human consciousness set on destruction? Endless moves of selfishness that defies true self-preservation? What of the glimpses of rise-ups for change, for self-responsibility, for accountability leading to wise action? Can these sustain us? Can these permeate the lure of denial? 

We will see... we will continue to see... and feel... and open our fair mouths like we've been told not to do. And, we will lift our hands, like we've been told not to do. 

And, we will move our legged forms out of the millennia bound prolonged dark prison boxes and stand up in the light of day, together, to be seen like no time before in all the spirit of home in eternity, right now, right now, right now. Don't let your pen down even though they've stolen it from you. 


Don't let them steal your golden voice. Don't let them steal your love for heaven that glistens and makes the flowers grow. 

Don't let them keep you from loving and teaching the children to live from the wisdom in their soul. A treaty on tomorrow only dies today. Make us your Instrument for words that bring to life your wise way… 

♡ copyright 2014 Sarah West April 23rd, 1:40 PM. 


Stay tuned for a lecture coming soon by Sarah West: Shakespeare or Not Shakespeare: Will the True Bard Please Stand Up?!


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